Devletimize önemli bir seviyede maddi kaynak sağlayan Bedelli Askerlik hizmetinde, yeni celp dönemleri açıklandı. Yaklaşık yarım milyon kişinin birlikleri belirlendi. Sizde Bedelli Askerlik yapacak kişiler arasındaysanız konumuzu okumaya devam edebilirsiniz.

Let’s take a look at the lists of important issues that military officers should know.

You Need to Have Your Sülüs (Referral) Certificate as First Step

In order to enter the barracks, you must have a delivery document. You can obtain the referral document from E-Government and get it at any military branch.

You can create your referral document only on certain dates. The dispatch date is written on the page where you are viewing your summons information via the e-Government. From this date you can create your referral document. It is recommended that the referral documents are stored in any device in Pdf format after output via E-Government. Because if you lose your document, you will ask you to write a petition and ask you to make a few transactions when you request your document from the military branch. That’s why you should store your shipping document digitally.

When Should Your Association Be Delivered

Your referral is dated, the date of referral and the date of attendance. You can log in to your union from the date of shipment. The date you join is the date on which your road permit is calculated and normally you should join your association.

The distance of your residence address to your union is calculated in km. A road permit is defined accordingly. The duration of the road permit may be 1,2 or 3 days. 3 days for distances up to 800 km / h for 800-1600 km / day for distances up to 800 km. Road permit is counted from military service.

Early participation has no advantage. On the same day, together with the ones in the union, he will leave the union after the inauguration ceremony. Let’s talk about the situation, the first plate of the union staff during the summons period is attached to the name plate.

What You Need to Know About Phone and Sim Card

You can put a telephone with a keypad on the barracks but personal SIM cards are not allowed. In some units, it is permissible to introduce personal cards that are not Askercell personal.

In the days of delivery, Askercell sales are made by Turkcell at the entrance of the union.

Smart phone insertion is simple, but charging inside is harder than putting a smartphone in. If you catch a smartphone, your military service will be extended for 15 days.

How many days will do military service

If you do not enter your union early, leave your road permit for 1 day and 18 nights if you leave the road for 2 days and you will spend 17 nights in the barracks.

What Happens If You Join Late

You can even sign in to the Union at the last minute of the day you need to attend. We will not impose any sanctions in this case. However, if you join late, you will be late for your union until the day you join late. If you do not join your union between the dates of your summons, you will be excluded from military service. Your payment will be returned to you.

How to Make Your First Day

When you take the first step into the barracks, you will be able to define your battalion and company. This process is done according to the order of entry into the union. If you have an acquaintance you want to be in the same company, don’t leave each other until they are done. You will be shot 1 needle immediately.

You’re a soldier now, so they have to dress you up like a soldier. You will get camouflage, boots and cap, you will be asked to change your position without going into the high probability ward. In addition we will add 2 socks, 2 frosts and 1 face towel.

Emergency operations are completed and you will be taken to your ward. You will not receive your goods brought to the ward, you can take them to the ward.

Information About Meals

Most of the dishes are provided by the catering companies who are contracted. Calories are calculated on a daily basis and the meals are determined accordingly. Usually protein-weighted dishes will be. So you’re gonna eat plenty of meat. In the last week, the amount of calories is slightly lower due to lack of training. Someone who isn’t overly picky about food is hungry easily.

Let’s Tell About Canteen

Canteens do not have cash so you should have a bank card or credit card with you. Canteens can supply the brand you want. Biscuits, chips and chocolate snacks are available. Toast, bread and hamburger-style meals are also available in the canteen.

Some units have vending machines. Cold and hot drinks are available from vending machines and can be bought in chocolate-style snacks. Payments to the vending machines can be made by coins or cards sold by the vending company.

What You Should Know About Infirmary

It’s easy to go to the infirmary, but you have to follow the rules, you can’t go to the infirmary as if you are going to a health center. In case of emergency, you need to inform the sergeant about the infirmary. If you want to get out of the sick in the normal days, one day in advance, you need to tell your name to the relevant sergeant.

You have 2 days of rest. So if you go to the infirmary and get 2 days of rest, this period will be counted from military service. Your military service will be extended for a longer period of time. If you go to the infirmary unnecessarily and the officers in charge notice the event, he will probably give you 3 days rest and extend your military service for 1 day, so be careful.

If you are referred to the hospital, you will be taken to the hospital collectively the next day. If this happens, make an appointment in advance, take care of your work before noon, and stroll outside in the afternoon. The day of your admission, the rest of your military service period is also counted.

What You Need to Know About Training

The first day of your union will probably go through paperwork. However, the trainings will start from the second day. In the first week there will be only a training course. Weighing in weight training; right-to-left, salute, such as simple operations.

The second week of the next week, continuing with the regular training. At the same time, your training will start. A G3 weapon will be charged to you. Weapons will be presented to you with basic information about the weapon, such as removing a gun. You will shoot 3 shots at a distance of 25 meters.

During the 2nd week, a seminar on violence against women will be given. Again, a minimum of 2 times night training will be given within 2 weeks.

3rd week will be completely walking training. The last two days will pass by a ceremony.

  • There is training on Saturday afternoon and the duty officer decides whether or not there will be training in the afternoon. No training in the market, it is your day of rest.

Your Rights in Exam, Birth and Death

You can go out with special permission in exam, birth and death. A maximum of 1 day is allowed for the training, so those who are going to take the important examination such as KPSS should choose the exam locations according to the union. The right to leave the master is allowed, but the right to permission for soldiers is not in question. Whether or not it is in the hands of the battalion commander, but they will help you. In case of death, the necessary assistance will be provided by the military to reach your hometown.

You only have 2 days’ rest. Every day you spend outside outside the hospital will be added to your military service.

Other Things to Know

  • Your hair will be number 3 is not a necessity, number 7 is enough.
  • You will shave regularly every day so be sure to have a 3-blade shaver with you. It is forbidden to shave from the hangover, however, the beard does not grow too long and may shave off the evening.
  • Hot water does not flow from the taps.
  • In some units, you can get a shower every day and in some units you can have 2 showers per week. Hot water in the showers, but sometimes things may not go well, be prepared. Shower time may vary depending on the size of the company. The average is 7 minutes.
  • There are plugs in the wards to charge the phones.
  • Your pick-up time is 21.00 for 06.00 yacht per week. The weekend is 1 hour ahead.
  • If you’re gonna keep a bot watch, it’s probably the next time.
  • Your area will be and your team will be with you every morningkahvaltıdan sonra mıntıka alanınızı temizleyeceksiniz.
  • You do not have permission to market.
  • ATM is located in the barracks.
  • ATM is located in the barracks….


Fundamental needs of military service to know what we have written in a rough way. I noticed that I didn’t mention some points from the publication of the article or that the information I provided under the headings I created was incomplete. So I needed to update the issue. I will surely jump to the points after the update, so I will always try to update the issue.

I will not re-create the headers I have created, I will continue in the matter. For different information, I’ll create a title and add comments.

  • There are multiple plugs in each ward floor to charge the phones. In the barracks, there are sockets at different points such as amphitheater and canteen.
  • Let’s talk about a little bit of amplification. The amphitheater is in the form of a classroom that ranks backwards as well as in universities. There is one amps of each division. In the amphitheater, rainy times are taught. It includes a TV. The matches before the yacht can be watched on the amp, if allowed. All kinds of paperwork is done in the amp, the first 3-4 days you will spend time in the amp.
  • Ziyaretçi parkına gitme hakkınız bulunuyor. Hafta içi ziyaretçiniz ile 1 saat görüşebilirsiniz. Hafta içi eğitim olduğundan dolayı sadece 1-2 gibi ziyaretçi parkına gidebilirsiniz. Hafta sonu ise gün boyunca ziyaretçi parkında olabilirsiniz. Ziyaretçinin güvenlik zafiyeti oluşturmayan her türlü eşyayı sokması serbesttir. Getirdiği yemekleri ya da farklı eşyaları aramaya takılmadan kışla içerisine götürebilirsiniz.

Smart Phone and Photo Status

We mentioned that it was simple to enter a smartphone when entering the military. However, I do not want to inform you on how to enter the first entry. It’s not an internal security code.

I gave a message on this in the last article I wrote above. Those who want to act against the internal security law can use that method. Or during the last day of the oath, you can get a phone call from your neighbor or ask him to bring your own phone. You will be in camouflage barracks after the ceremony in a very short time.

If you don’t get a smart phone, you will probably complain about not having a photo of camouflage in the first week, but it won’t. After some time you will be friendly with the long-term soldiers, you can handle the photo subject without putting your own phone in.

What should you buy?

If you enter a shop that sells military equipment, it will give you a list of different items sorted through a page. If there are 30 items on that list, only 2 will be useful.

Let’s look at what is essential if you want:

  • Shoe polish
  • Cabinet Lock (no lock needed if you have a locker)
  • Slipper
  • wet wipes
  • Shaving Machine and Foam
  • Sweatpants (Shorts is, Capri is. Anything in the bed is dressed)
  • Underwear (can be any color unless it is shown under camouflage)

Anything else you take will burden you. All the items you may need are sold in the canteen.

How to put the drug inside?

You will naturally take all the medicines you need to use. The drugs will be taken from you during the search. Drugs you need to use very urgently may remain with you. You can supply other drugs with signature every morning, lunch and evening.