Dönem dönem internet hızınız gerçekten sinir bozucu derecede yavaşlıyor ve internette gezinme konusunda sıkıntılar yaşıyorsunuz doğru değil mi ? Bu benim başıma sürekli olarak geliyor. Peki internetimin yavaşladığı ve YouTube üzerinden video izleyemeyecek seviyeye geldiği zamanlarda nasıl çözüm üretiyorum, sizlere listeli bir şekilde aktarmaya çalışacam.

Öncelikle konumuz içerisinde yavaş bağlantı problemi yaşayan kullanıcılara yönelik çözüm seçenekleri sunacağımızı ekleyelim, hiçbir şekilde internet bağlantısı kuramayanların direk olarak servis sağlayıcılarından bilgi alması daha doğru olur.

Test Your Internet Speed First

First, measure your Internet speed on Speedtest to determine if the problem is with your internet connection or the website you’re trying to access.

Suppose we have a 24 Mbps internet package. 24 Mps internet packages for downloading around 18-19 ie download speeds is normal. However, if you have a download speed below these figures, you can increase your download speed by following our directions below.

How Do You Increase Your Internet Speed?

Your Internet speed may be software or hardware slow for a variety of reasons. It is not easy to detect the problem, so you need to find the right solution with trial and error methods. You can list your problems as popular and you can increase your internet speed step by step.

1. Restart Your Modem

You can restart your modem via the power button or by accessing the modem interface via your browser. For Airties brand modems, you can access the modem interface by typing in the address line of your browser. The user name and password will be requested, for Turk Telekom customers the user name is admin password is ttnet. The information you need to log in according to your service provider and modem may vary.

2. Run a Virus Scan

If your computer is infected with a virus, it may affect your computer and internet speed to slow down. Usually ad viruses are caused by this.

3. Shorten and Replace Cables

The phone cord that came to your modem might be damaged. Again, the longer the cable, the slower your connection. With a shorter and new phone cord, you can have an internet connection to your modem.

4. Reduce the Number of Devices in the Network

If the number of devices that make internet connection via a modem is quite high, it is normal to have a slow connection. Especially if any computer on the network is downloading files, it will be very difficult for other devices to surf the web.

5. Reduce the Distance Between Computer and Modem

In thermally insulated apartments, the distance between the modem and the transmission is very short. Make sure that the phone is as close to the modem as possible.

6. Connect Wirelessly to Wireless Connection

This isn’t a solution for the phone, but a wired connection to your Smart TV or PC will help you increase your Internet speed.

7. Use Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox

Be sure to use a browser other than Internet Explorer.

8. Update Your Internet Browser

Outdated web browsers may cause slow loading of web pages and similar problems.

9. Clean Your Cached Files

Cached information helps you load faster when you enter the same website. However, this may not always be the case. If the information in the cache does not match the browser’s records, it may cause connection errors. The sites you’ve tried to access for the first time after clearing the cache may naturally open a little slower, but will be much faster at subsequent entries.

10. Remove Toolbars from Your Browser

By removing the toolbars you don’t use frequently, it can help your browser to enter the internet faster.

11. Update Your Device

Make sure you update your computer, smartphone, or tablet if an update is available.

12. Get Range Extender

Range expanders will provide a wider range of uses within the home. Both your internet speed will increase and you will be able to connect to the internet faster.