It is possible to make E-Commerce without Capital without storing any investment. You can start to make money with the commission rates you have determined with E-Commerce without Capital.

The basic logic of E-Commerce without Capital is to sell without stock. You do not keep the stock in any way, the products you sell a website or the supplier offers directly to you through the panel of your order by purchasing the customer can complete the process.

If you want to E-Commerce without Capital How to Get Started.

You Need to Decide Where and What to Sell as the First Step

A vast area of product sales is waiting for you. Whether you are in Turkey, you can make product sales in the United States, as well as do not need to know a foreign language.

In E-Commerce without Capital, the basic logic does not hold stock. The product sold by you is purchased from your supplier on behalf of the customer and is sent directly to the customer before the product is received. This process is called Dropshipping.

E-Commerce without capital to achieve success in your price policy to create the right product as quickly as possible to the customer provides. So the shipping time is an important factor for sales. Product selection is again one of the important factors affecting the sale. We recommend that you avoid products with high competition rates.

Channels You Can Sell

By creating your own E-Commerce site, you can sell products from marketplaces or from social media sites.

By creating your own E-Commerce site, you can sell products from marketplaces or from social media sites….

The channels we call the Marketplace; n11, Gittigidiyor and E-Commerce sites such as Hepsiburada. You can sell products through these sites. In order to be able to make sales in some marketplaces, you need to have a tax number or a company.

Social Media sites is another channel you can sell. In particular, Instagram is effective in selling products for women. You do not need to make an investment in marketing when selling products through Instagram.

Product Supply How?

Product supply can be provided through local suppliers, as well as on China-based sites such as AliExpress.

If you work with local suppliers, they allow you to send products quickly as they hold stocks. For product supplies through AliExpress, it may take up to 45 days for the product to reach the customer.